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About the Sauti Centre

Welcome to the AWDF Sauti Centre! Established in 2008 as part of the mission to strengthen knowledge production, documentation and information developed by and about African women, we host over 3,000 materials, including books, journals, newsletters, leaflets, magazines, novels, films, music and other sources of knowledge and information. The materials span our three organisational thematic areas of focus: Body and Health Rights, Economic Security and Justice; and Leadership, Participation and Peace, and also cover our foundational areas including feminism, philanthropy and the African women's movement. 

We aim to be a generative, safe space for African feminist learning, sharing and knowledge production and as such our space is open for students, researchers, policy makers, activists, media personnel, development workers, writers and anybody interested in African feminism! In line with diverse needs and users, we are also a space for interactive, experiential and collaborative learning. From hosting group sessions, movie screenings and panel discussions, the Sauti Centre is constantly striving to promote diverse knowledge. 

We invite you to browse our website for information on materials from our catalogue; updates on events that are coming up; or if you want to book the space! Here’s to us learning together.